Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Lab Day + No Pay = Sadaf on Stirke

That's my new self declaration for the day. Not only was today a Lab Day... i hate lab days.. it was payday! Well, that should be a good thing right? Let's do a Money jig! Except that, well, I didn't get paid. I have almost worked 55 hrs this quarter and have yet to be paid a single penny.

So, today turned out to be a man-hunt Wednesday. After an hour of early class, 4 hrs of work, and 2 hours of lab, I went home and began my search for my due. 6 calls, and 5 people later, I found out that because my work-permit had experied (back in late June, might I add, at which time I had immediately gotten it renewed with a minor headache involved...), my direct-deposit appointments had been taken off their system. And because I had no appointment, I had no pay.

Isn't there something fundamentally wrong in this? First of all, by law, all employers are required to ensure that their employees are legally qualified to work in the US. So when my work permit expires, they should remind me to provide them with a renewed one right? Or, shouldn't there be a way for them to realize that one of their part time employees has worked nearly a month without being paid? Shouldn't that simple fact cause a non-balance somewhere in their books?

Needless to say, I'm highly irritated. After coming home, I had to lug back to campus at 5:30 to present my new renewed card to them so that I can hopefully get a reimbursed check by Monday. Hurrah for the public education system!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Resurrection of my blog, yet again

I'm feeling sad, lonely, and betrayed, and all I want to do is to get away from the people who are making me feel like this. I want to go back home to familiar faces and places. I want to be comfortable and happy -- the core of who I am, what I am, as well as the essence of my name. I am "Happy", right Carla?

For once, I wish that I could feel they way I want to and have the things I so desperately need, not simply want, but need. I'll only be in college once.. I'll only be 20 yrs old for a brief moment. I need to live it they way I want to remember it forever, but I can't.

Right now, I simply feel alone. And no, I'm not being melodramatic. I need my life to make a 36o, now! PLEASE!

Monday, October 18, 2004


Okay, so freaked out for this week! As Daphne usually says (and I agree with), I've managed to screw myself over again! --- so true. :( Why did I have to get sick THIS weekend!?!?! I got nothing done, and now I fear I have ruined all chances of doing well in my classes. *sigh* Tuesday's the big day, so gotta get to work. I will opt to be very anti-social today and disappear in the hollows of my room. See y'all in a few days.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Happy Birthday Brian!

Wooooo!! Happy 19th! I'll be seeing you in class in 30 min. and we'll celebrate tonight! :)

Monday, September 27, 2004

LA: first night, first party. Hurrah!

After tedious moving in, unpacking and so on, I finally got my part of the room together, although it still feels pretty cluttered, which I don't like. But the room is great... it's almost exactly like my roommate's room last year, but with a few improvements. Deja vu!!

So, the first night back was, well umm, interesting and annoying to say the least. I didn't get much sleep. After going to bed, I wake up at around 4 in the morning to this loud Spanish music radio from next door. At first I just try to ignore it and sleep. Fail. Make a trip to the bathroom. Ugh, uncomfortable to have to ask the new neighbors to turn down their music. An hour goes by, and I haven't been sleeping. Finally, I go out and knock on the door... a bunch, but no one answers. GRRRRR. I come back to my room, so absolutely frustrated!!!!! I then have to lean over Heather's desk/bed area to knock on the adjoining wall, and by doing so, I wake up Heather and give her a start. Long story short, I ended up dragging poor Heather to the lounge with me. We pulled two of the larger couches together and crawled in the bed-ish area with our pillows and blankets. I woke up at 7:30 a.m.

Tonight, there was this free concert thingy, that I believe was put on to attract kids away from Black Sunday... hahahaha, yeah right! At first it was supposed to be Pennywise -- okay, cool. Then they ended up changing it to Wild Child - a band that no one had heard of and that apparently only played covers of The Doors. I wasn't going to go, but then decided to check it out, but left before it even started, because Annie Kang came over to our room to visit!! Yay, I missed her. :)

Afterwards, we decided to head over to Annie's apartment, because I hadn't seen it yet. It was so great! I loved it. We hanged out there for awhile. I saw Miriam again, and meet some of their roommates. When they started getting ready to go out, Heather and I decided to head back to the dorms to see what the rest of the gang was up to, seeing as how we had just left without telling anyone where we were going. We came back to our room, but there was noone on the floor. We finally called Kevin, and they were at Daphne's apartment, which is right across from Annie's apartment, so we ended up trekking all the way back there! bah. When we got there, the party had already started, and many (most) were drunk. *whippie* :/ I wasn't going to drink, but ended up only doing one shot.

So, the first party of the year came and went, and I have to say that I am a bit dissapointed. It's prolly just all my fault for being in a not-so-hot mood, but still. This year just feels differently than last year, as it rightfully should, but I think that our group is just trying to pick up right where we left off, and somehow that doesn't fit. I dunno if this makes any sense whatsoever, especially to someone who doesn't know the situation. But still, I will continue on.

I also felt a bit left out tonight. You know, I try to think that I am a fun person even when I don't drink, but nights like tonight just make me feel like the all-mighty "party pooper." I went along with everything tonight, but I felt like somehow I wasn't wanted there, which I know is ridiculuous, etc. etc. etc.

Anyways, I'm going to make an extra effort to be uber-social tomorrow and meet more people and just get to know the floor. Hopefully I'll have time to visit Carla too! So I guess I'm just am going to have to wait on the next party to make up for this one. Bring it on! :D

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Happy B-day Heather!

Yayy!! We're both the same age again! ;)

Happy Birthday my favorite roomie! Hope you have a spectacular day... and I'll be seeing you soon to celebrate!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Farewell et adieu

Yesterday was the last summer hangout day at home in Sunnyvale. :(

Jessica, Suegol, and I started out in Valley Faire, where I could not find the sunglasses I wanted, Suegol could not find the jacket we wanted, but where we found a birthday present for Carla. Ah, the irony of it all. :P

We then headed to Sunnyvale... and Burrito Factory. yum! (But I still like Chipotle better.) I managed to eat most of a huge burrito, some churro, chips and salsa ... and only two hours after I had eaten lunch with my mom. I'm a big :/

(EDIT: apparently I wrote "I'm a big" instead of "I'm a pig", but either works really...)

While there though, we ran into Arash. He sat down with us for awhile. Here's the cliff version: works at loehmanns, bad manager, quit but still there for awhile, goes to de anza. Good to see ya ol' chap.

Headed to longs, picked up some necessities. Went to loehmanns. No jacket for Suegol. Wait, this just came to me... why didn't Jessica get that shirt?!!? aaarrrgggghhh. I however found a perfect-fit $15 dress. :D

(and I had promised myself I wouldn't get anything!! Oh well...)

Oh, and Jessica has the same exact dress, and the same pair of shoes as me. So some day, in LA, we're going to dress as twins. ;) Maybe Halloween?

After, we just went home. I know I'll be seeing much of Yen in LA. But Jessica, It will still be a long hard week without seeing you! But even sadder, is that I don't get to see Suegol again for a long time! *tear* The two of us spent soo much time together this summer. I even dare to say we've bonded so much more! But now, she leaves for Davis, and I go to LA. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

I will visit you in Davis!

<3 Sadaf

... and on a side note, yay for today!